On Healing

N: Hi. I’m hoping that you know a few things about crystals. I know many people use them for meditation. I have never used crystals before so I don’t know much about them. I just bought two crystal chips bracelets. One of them has both amethyst and rose quartz on it. The other one is clear quartz. I know that, especially when wearing clear quarts, it is important to have good energy. From what I have read, it magnifies the vibrations you give out, whether they are positive or negative. So it is important to me that I am prepared for the crystals before wearing them. What I want to know is, is there anything that I must do before wearing all three crystals? Maybe something to clear my aura of negative energy? I would appreciate any information you might have. Thank you for your time.

Jay: I don’t really know anything about crystals. They’re pretty.

I’m wondering what you are hoping they will do for you. Maybe they have some kind of healing power. But then I wonder what it is that you are hoping to heal in yourself.

So the interesting thing you are saying is that if there is some negative energy in yourself that you are trying to heal, the crystals might actually make it worse and you don’t want to inflict negative energy on yourself or on other people.

I wonder what you mean by negative energy. Maybe something like anger, fear, self-doubt. To me these energies require listening to. Being in touch more deeply, more carefully with them. If it becomes possible to be still and in touch with all of the workings of anger – the thoughts going around and around, the painful feelings in the body, the underlying feeling of having been threatened, the sense of vulnerability underneath being threatened, the sensitivity that is underneath the vulnerability – then I can’t really say that such a thing is negative. It is just the energy of being expressing itself in certain ways that we may never have been carefully in touch with before.

Being open to whatever is happening inside is itself positive, no matter what the internal energies and emotions might seem to be. If a crystal encourages this, then fine. In reality, ALL of life encourages this. A simple breeze, the warm sun – these things open us up. A cold wind, a storm, angry words – these things also open us up in different ways. But usually we’re not in touch with the simple things around us that are trying to help us open. We’re usually going around and around in our thoughts and emotions and don’t notice where we are or what is touching us. And part of that blind, separated, enclosed thought-emotion world is the thought “How do I fix this?”

If I just become a little more interested in where I am at this unique moment, then everything seems to help me open up and be in touch.

I don’t know if that addresses your concern. Feel free to write back if you have some questions or comments.

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