The Power of Working Together

Last week I wrote some reflections on One Mind and the importance of discovering for oneself that when the mind’s self-centric filters drop away, the world really is one undivided energy, which is what we are and which is not born and does not die.

That wasn’t actually what I started to write about last week, but that’s what came out, maybe to set the stage for what I had intended to write. But first I want to say more about my comment that healing does not happen fully unless there is a moment of undivided presence. What I mean is that as long as a self-centric filter or pattern is operating, everything that happens reinforces that pattern. Every moment that the pattern is running is a moment that strengthens the pattern. So in ordinary (partial) healing there can be a wonderful release and freeing of certain patterns but at the same time the fundamental pattern of separation is reinforced.

In a simple moment of undivided presence the pattern of self-enclosure is – for once – not reinforced. The more extended the moments of openness, the more the patterns of self-enclosure weaken. In such moments everything that happens is healing. It’s like taking the lid off of a container under pressure. The nervous system can’t help but heal and the healing is full.

Like all of these writings, you are welcome to bring this up if you see it differently. Together we are more likely to come to the truth. And that brings us to what I had wanted to say last week.

I find that there is a tremendous power in coming together to talk/inquire/dialogue, either in a group or one on one. Something happens that does not necessarily happen in sitting alone or in sitting in a group without inquiry.

When we have a chance to talk together, not just once but many times, there seems to be what we might call a waking up of the group mind. In hearing each other and beginning to understand each other there seems to be a new energy of listening, of inquiry, of discovery, of healing, that does not belong to any one person’s mind. It is a shared energy. It’s a manifestation of this undivided Presence that begins to work through us, not just individually but together when we have the opportunity to inquiry one on one and as a group.

This group listening seems to magnify the energy of undivided listening, to make it more available. It makes it more possible that a moment of openness, even if brief, may take place for someone, along with the tremendous power of healing that comes with such a moment.

It is the antithesis of isolation, in which, out of fear of something, we may go around in circles forever in our own ideas, trying to depend on doing “it” alone.

I invite everyone to experiment with participating in our group and one on one inquiry.

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