First Thursday Sitting

This is on the first Thursday of each month and takes place at the Wat, our usual venue.

This is a good opportunity for people who want to do more sitting during the week, without a group dialogue. There will be a chance at the end of the sitting to bring up issues, share, or ask questions.

The sitting will start at 6:30 and we’ll sit for 25 minutes, have a 5 minute walking period, and then sit another 25 minutes. During the walking period you can use the bathroom or get a drink.

We’ll take a quick, silent break after the sitting. Then there we’ll reconvene for half hour of optional sharing.

In the sharing time, anyone can bring up an issue, a question, or share anything that is on their mind. The person speaking can take the time to reflect on what they are bringing up, try to find the right words to express themselves or flesh out what they want to say.

Jay may respond or engage with the speaker, as would happen in an individual meeting.

Other participants simply listen without responding. This means that others do not ask the person questions, offer advice, or respond verbally to them.

When the first person finishes, another person can speak. It’s ok for one person to refer to something that another person has said or to follow up with it. However, there would not be discussion between the two people.

If there is time left over after everyone who wants has had a chance to speak, there may be a brief talk by Jay.

We end at 8 pm.