Categories of Membership

We have two categories of membership:

  1. Participating Member
  2. Guest

Participating Member: This is for people who would like to actively apply the kind of work that we do at the NM Center to their lives. Being a participating member is an expression of this intent, whether or not you are able to devote much time to it.

The purpose of the NM Center is to bring people together so that we can look into our lives together with more energy, compassion, and intelligence than usually happens alone. We do this in a number of ways so that each person can find what works best for them.

The NM Center gives you opportunities to work with the resident teacher, Jay Cutts, who has been doing meditative work for nearly 45 years and worked directly with Toni Packer for about 35 years. You also work with others who have attended retreats here over the past decade.

Many people cannot attend our events often because of time or distance. As a participating member, you agree to try to attend, at a minimum:

  1. At least part of one monthly event per year
  2. At least part of one retreat day every two years

By attending events you are supporting other members of the group with your interest and presence. At the same time you are giving yourself a chance to find our directly how the NM Center can support your own efforts.

Active participating members do NOT pay any dues or fees.

Guest: If you prefer to work alone and/or do not plan to attend our events or draw on the group for support, you are welcome to be on the mailing list as a guest.

If you later decide to attend events, you can switch to being a participating member.