Comments from People Who’ve Been to Retreat

Here are some comments from people that have attended our retreats. There will be more added from time to time.

It’s difficult to put into words the profound changes that happen during retreat. They can be much too subtle and far reaching to be captured by words. But these comments may give you a little taste of some people’s reflections after retreat.

October 2016 Retreat: The retreat is not an experience that is befitting a description in mere words. It is something that must be experienced to be understood. As a first time attendee with limited meditation experience, there was no way I could anticipate what, exactly, the retreat would be like. I can’t honestly describe the retreat as “fun,” because it wasn’t, and nor should it be. Each day was largely spent in solitary reflection in a beautiful, yet spartan setting, with almost no obligations and opportunities for distraction. There is no dogmatic preaching, no mandate requiring that you meditate in some specific way, and no obligation to be anything other than your honest self at all times (provided you do not obstruct the right of others to do the same). Being away from the chattering voices of others, both literally and figuratively, was a welcome reprieve as someone who values silence more than idle banter in some attempt to fill empty space. The daily discussions ranged from thought-provoking to profound and transcendent at times. I was presented with an opportunity to distance myself from my day-to-day life, in pursuit of some sort of wider perspective, and, if nothing else, that is what I came away with, but there is so much more value in the retreat that is by its very nature unexpressable.

October 2016 Retreat: For me, sitting in silence in this heartfelt presence was healing and clearing without a lot of analyzing. I sat in this presence with my whole body and mind there. On leaving the retreat I have felt present to others, myself and situations from the awareness of my whole self not just from my thinking. I feel I’m listening and communicating from a much larger space in myself that feels peaceful and nurturing.